Freelance talent for your company

Do you need someone to program, write or design? Do you need a complete marketing team for your next campaign? Or empower your own team in times of high demand?
Whether it is a single freelance resource or an entire team, we pre-select it so that it can quickly start working for your company. 
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How does it work?

In three simple steps you can have the talent you need.

1. Complete the form

Tell us what profile your company needs and for how long.

2. We get in touch with you

Our team gets to work and can contact you in case they need any other details or more information... If not, they directly make a pre-selection based on your request.

3. We present you the candidates

You receive the job quote along with three profiles so you can decide who to start working with.

Frequent questions

Because we have a community of more than 10,000 freelancers ready to start working. You save time and costs, but the decision is still in your hands.

We offer you the freelance candidate recruitment service for your business or company, whether you need someone for a specific job (less than a month long) or a project that lasts several months. In addition, we offer you satisfaction guarantee on the work done: if the freelancer for some reason does not finish on time or the result does not meet the previously agreed expectations, we will propose another profile, free of charge.

At, whoever hires must do the online search, selection, negotiation and contact with the freelancer on their own. With our Laburas Empresas service, our team is in charge of finding the best profiles, reviewing their background and previous experience and pre-selecting the best freelancers according to the type of company, demand and the type of task or project to be carried out.

You will pay according to: the time you need the freelancer if it is for more than 1 month, or for the type of project if it is for less than 30 days of contracting.